Roomidex: Make finding a New York City roommate less sketchy

July 10, 2013

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Make finding a New York City roommate less sketchy
A new social-media–driven search tool provides an alternative to scouring Craigslist.

By Sarah Bruning
Thu Jun 13 2013

Few things grate on the soul like figuring out where to live in NYC. If you’re lucky, you’ll tackle the skyrocketing rents, limited availability and listing ambiguity with a friend or partner. Those who are left to fend for themselves often turn to Craigslist, roommate services or begging friends to spread the word.

Two Ivy League grads aim to ease the roommate-finding stress with Roomidex, a free website that uses your social network to connect you with potential co-hunter (a platonic Coffee Meets Bagel, so to speak). Once you register with your Facebook account and fill in other pertinent details (move date, price range, habits), the site generates a list of people with whom you share a contact and who also meet your criteria.

While certain fields list ample response options (university attended, occupation), some of the make-or-break categories would benefit from additional diversity. For instance, desired neighborhoods only lists “Brooklyn” or “Queens,” rather than the neighborhoods within the boroughs, and drinking habits only allow for “by myself,” “with friends” or “never.” (How about both?) We know it’s probably just for algorithmic purposes at this point and it’s indicative enough, but it’d be nice to clarify for future site updates.

The site launches Monday, June 17, so it’s still in beta mode and pickings are slim, but it could definitely have potential. Who knows—maybe one of your pals knows Jake Gyllenhaal? (We can wish…)

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