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Superhero Typography: Fear Itself Teasers

Marvel Comics has released throughout the week a series of characteristically cryptic teaser images that the publisher says contain clues as to some kind of story, event or other narrative circumstance to emerge after the conclusion of Fear Itself and occur sometime in December. Designed by Marvel Art Director Rich Ginter, the images use only words and color to suggest the form of recognizable heroes like Iron Fist, the Silver Surfer, Red She-Hulk, Doctor Strange and the Hulk. but within those meticulously arranged letters are secret messages.

Source: Comics Alliance

Marvel Wall Murals

Available now at Stills from classic Marvel Comics of the 1960s, with a little bit of treatment to give them an even deeper retro feel. Ranging in sizes like 48″x72″ and 96″x96.”

Shawn Martinbrough Talks Comics

BET Videos

I met Shawn years ago. and he still remains one of the best illustrators out there. The above interview from BET is a great reference point to his work.

Published by Hortense Barber on Wednesday, August 25, 2010 at 4:51 pm.
Batman, X-Men, Blade, Luke Cage and Storm; they are some of the hottest characters to originate in comic books and then hit the silver screen. Not so common is the name Shawn Martinbrough; but he is the artist who has drawn many of these characters for DC and Marvel Comics. Martinbrough, who earned his degree in illustration from NYC’s School of Visual Arts, is one of the few Black artists drawing for Marvel Comics. He has even released his own book for budding illustrators about his distinct style titled, “How to Draw Noir Comics: The Art and Technique of Visual Storytelling.”

BET News sat down with Martinbrough to get his thoughts on being one of the few African-American illustrators in the industry, and how he has reached back to help others pursuing careers in his field.

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